Sport at Royal Holloway

As an avid hockey player, having been both President and Ladies’ Captain of the Hockey Club, and having co-founded a Rounder’s Club on campus I have an invested interest in how different sports clubs came into existence at the university. I am interested in interviewing Royal Holloway Alumni on their experiences of extra- curricular activities, with a focus on sport, at university and how this impacted students’ studies.

I know from previous research that there was once a swimming pool in Jane Holloway Hall that was closed due to storm damage and would be interesting to see how much the pool was in use when it was open.

Looking at the 1960s, and when the university became co-educational, this is the perfect time to look into how sports clubs, that use to be exclusive to women, dealt with the introduction of men and whether the clubs became mixed sex or if they remained segregated.

The project would also be extremely useful on a personal level as myself and the current Hockey Club president are looking into creating a history, using the archives, of the club which we have reason to believe is the oldest university Hockey club in the country.