Business History and Oral History

The challenges and opportunities involved in using business history and oral history will be my focus for essay 1. My content will include the historical relationship between the two areas as well as the way in which business history uses oral history to tell a companies story or the stories of individuals that worked in a particular institution. Many businesses today have seen the need to inform people about their historical past and create a personal connection between the business, employees and customers.

Although this subject area was not what my presentation was based upon, after hearing the presentation given several weeks back and seeing all of the ways business history and oral history overlap, I feel it will be a very interesting and broad topic that I can make my own.


Concerns and Hopes: Interview with a photographer

I will be interviewing photographer Tim Hodges for my oral history project. I am very interested in his diverse careers and look forward to focusing on his work in photography. I would like to focus in particular on his photography work with the Olympic Torch relay, the House of Lords and the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre as well as other unique photographic experiences. Overall, I hope the interview will supply an assortment of interesting stories from his varied careers and provide an insight into the world of government and royal photography. I do have a few concerns for this project. I am concerned with creating good, thought provoking questions, that I have enough material to span the 90 minute interview and that the interviewee and myself are able to create a good rapport.

In the Community

I would like to focus my oral history project on the life history of an individual within the Egham community. My goal is to interview someone from one of the local churches or the pastor. The topic would center around the individuals life, focusing on a particular aspect depending on the individual, and the historical changes that have taken place throughout their lifetime. I have chosen to focus on this area because of the importance of capturing these individual stories and experiences while it is still possible. Life history interviews hold great significance for public oral history because it provides a personal experience and understanding of events beyond what we can learn solely from books.