Thoughts on Interview


Thinking about the upcoming interviews, I have several worries and fears on what could happen. A major concern, in particular, is my relationship with the interviewee. The woman I am interviewing works in the American Embassy and is a relative of a person in my class. Even though I have only met my interviewee once, I have slight fears that because of the connection I have with a member of her family, she will be reluctant to give me aspects of her life in fear of disclosing too much. This fear makes me worry that my interview will not be as good as it could have been if I had interviewed someone whom I had never met before.

Due to my interviewee’s occupation, she has several experiences with being interviewed; this poses another worry for me as I fear that she will already know how to answer specific questions and as a result will give generic and thought-out answers. When thinking about both interviews, I am cautious as to whether I will be able to fill the 45-90 minute time slot. As I have not interviewed someone about their personal life before, I am not sure how I will be able to talk for so long without seeming rude or intrusive, or whether she would even want to speak for such an extended amount of time.

It has also come to my attention that due to my interviewee’s occupation in government, she will not be allowed to answer certain questions about her job. As the project is about women and their careers, this poses a problem if a certain aspect of her job cannot be answered and my interview is left without vital information because of this.

In regards to researching my person to create appropriate questions, I have been very lucky in the respect that the member of her family that I know has been very helpful in giving me information about her relatives life, her birthplace, degree, etc. Due to this helpfulness, I was able to create several questions that that are relevant to her background. Nevertheless, I am also hoping that the generic questions about schooling, relatives, and ambitions will be enough to start a detailed discussion about her life and career.

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