Before the Interview

In preparation for the interview, I corresponded with the interviewee’s daughter who put me in touch with the interviewee. I knew very little about Cyprus, so much so that I was unaware of any conflict.

As I knew the interviewee’s daughter and had met her father on a few occasions, I was not apprehensive about discussing his life with him. He has always appeared to me to be a very candid and welcoming person, and I wondered if this attitude extended to all areas of his life. I did not anticipate that he would withhold information or deflect questions as doing so would seem to clash with his personality. For this reason, I was interested in how the interview would proceed.

I was also curious about Cyprus and it’s history, and anticipated that I would likely learn a great deal about the country as the interviewee had a background in history. I read a bit of supplementary information on Cyprus, but I decided I did not want to go into the interview knowing too much.

Finally, although I had a personal connection with the interview subject, I felt I did not know the interviwee too well. I looked forward to our discussion.

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