The First Interview

As I begin to prepare for my first interview with a former Bedford College student, I do feel a bit nervous. I know little about the subjects that the interviewee went to school for and I am worried this might have some effect upon the interview. But I also know this is a major learning opportunity. I will have the chance to hear about her experiences and record them so others will also have the chance to hear about them as well. I recognize that this is an exciting opportunity.

I hope this interview provides insight into what it was like to be a woman in science at a time there were far fewer females who chose a career path in science. It will be interesting to hear about why the interviewee chose to go into to science and her experiences both in school and after graduating. I myself always had very little interest in science while in school, so I think it will be interesting to speak with someone who chose to go into the field. I want to know why she chose science and what motivated her. Since Bedford College has now merged with Royal Holloway, I hope the interview will help provide historical information valuable to preserving the history of Bedford College as it was before the merger. I am curious to see how the experience of university life has changed over time.

My concerns over the project are mainly due to the fact that I know little about the subjects the interviewee studied. However, I feel my anxiety is misplaced since it is not actually necessary for me to know all about science to conduct the interview. I was nervous at first to call to set up the interview, but after speaking with the interviewee, I feel much better. She was very friendly and I look forward to meeting her. I am glad I will have this opportunity and to gain experience with oral history.


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