Planning the Interview with an Indian Female Doctor.

Since recording the first blog I have learnt from Phyllis that she has had a varied career. After she completed her medical training it was her intention to go into General Practice but she was canvassed to specialise in Geriatric care. Then after 30 years in this field she re-trained to return as a General Practitioner.

I therefore need to research more on both the leading figures contributing to Geriatric medicine and the main changes brought to this medical field during her career. I also need to research and gain an overview of the skills that GP’s have to have to cope in a General Practice. However, I do not want to lose sight of the personal story made by this remarkable lady.  I need to plan questions  to  gain a  knowledge of her chronological career but I would  also like to explore how she was treated as a woman in the medical profession. Was there any prejudice on gender grounds? Was there any racial prejudice in the medical establishment. I would also like to know how she coped raising a family and continued in her profession.

I will  explore her views on the changes to the NHS since she began practicing in the late 1950’s both good and bad. I would like to know her views on improvements in health care specifically for elderly people and were she feels there have been lost opportunities. Consequently, through both personal research and her interview, I hope to learn more about  the general  innovations in Geriatric care and General Medicine.

The interview is important for public history as it is gives an insight into the NHS through a female, ethnic minority professional’s perspective. It may also provide information into the management of care as well as medical innovations within British health care since 1945.



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