Oral History on Television: Is there any other way?

For my essay I plan to continue on with the topic of oral history on television. I would say historical television is at its peak right now, and though the bulk of this focuses on fictionalized accounts, interview based documentary is incredibly strong. My presentation focused mainly on the different ways interviews have been used on programmes over time. I plan to speak about this in more detail (as obviously I can’t just slot in a bunch of clips to a written paper to get the point across. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth, well, all the words, right?) tumblr_ljgsnjCj4h1qzagdho1_500

But I think the bigger point I wish to speak to is how just about any documentary style programme you find is driven by oral history.

There are the obvious topics to consider: does the camera change what people say, what do you do with translation, etc. However, I also think it might be interesting to look at editing for television. These interviews are cut WAY down for the show, and there has to be a lot of thought and planning that goes into that. Also, if possible, I’d like to consider the possibility of using “oral” history for topics outside of the living memory.


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