An Indian female Doctor’s perspective on the NHS

I know an inspiring lady called Phyllis . She is a retired doctor who came from India to this country to study medicine in the early 1950’s. It would be interesting to discuss the barriers she encountered both on racial and gender grounds. Was it difficult to obtain a place at the right university in the UK? It could not have been a commonplace that a woman would study medicine  in Britain in the same way that it is today.  I would like to discover the process she went through to qualify?

I will explore some of the challenges as well as opportunities that occurred both whilst training and when she began practising as a Doctor. Which field did she specialise in (if any) and how has that field of medicine  advanced over the decades?.

The topic is significant for public history as I hope to discover some of the changes in her field of medicine as well as her knowledge of some of the organisational changes to the NHS. I would like to know her views on improvements in health care and were she feels there have been lost opportunities.  It will be interesting to obtain an Indian woman’s perspective on Britain’s health service and the journey both she and the institution has made. Moreover it will be important to discover why she chose her particular field and ask weather  she was directed/ persuaded to practice this specialism by her peers or University teachers? It is also important to record an interview with an individual who came from India at a time of social change for both Britain and India.


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