Oral History and Museums

For my first essay I will explore oral history in museums, this use of oral history is the first time I really came into contact with oral history, let alone its usage in public history. The essay will address the practical problems of using this method, such as what form to use it in, audio or visual. Then once this has been decided there are a whole other plethora of practical choices and problems which are encountered, such as how will they listen to it? Will sound bleeding occur? Does it need context? Does it add or detract to the rest of the items on display? And also are the interviews themselves any good and do the public actually engage with it? Good use of oral history in museums can massively impact upon the audience for a variety of reasons and can enhance their experience. So, when well planned and executed using oral history in museums can be an extremely fruitful venture. This essay will explore these problems and benefits as well as using case study examples of oral history in museums to demonstrate such points.


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