Planning: Doom Metal in Oral History


Popular music history has been an oral one by popular music’s nature. Academic writing about popular music in general has been scarce until not more than thirty years ago. Considering this, it is not so unfathomable that extreme metal or more specifically doom metal has received much less attention from both academic and journalistic scholars/authors. I am planning to write about doom metal in oral history and potential uses of these sources in order to add this neglected genre of music to the popular music narrative.

What makes doom metal an interesting source of study is its apparent butimage underexposed existence in metal music. While many consider Black Sabbath as one of the first heavy metal bands ever, not as many are not aware that the earliest examples of their music, which showed the clear break from a rock/hard rock tradition, belong to the doom metal aesthetic that developed heavily

influenced by these albums.

There are many oral history sources about doom metal, even though the amount is not comparable to other metal genres. My essay will focus on these sources, the techniques they employ with comparisons to other genres, and it will discuss how these sources can further be used.

One Comment on “Planning: Doom Metal in Oral History”

  1. Graham Smith says:

    Neat post. Let us know how the oral histories approach the subject and the interviewees please.

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