Hopes and Concerns: Inside the Asylum

If I’m honest, I have a lot of concerns about the interview, mainly due to my lack of experience. I have interviewed people before for my radio project, but not like this. My main concern is coming across as nervous, and then making the interviewee feeling anxious. However, with adequate preparation I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I imagine it now. And on that note, being fully prepared and creating a full interview out of nothing is also daunting. I think the next major concern is going to be the topic itself; whilst it is an area I have a great interest in, mental health is also a sensitive subject and you can never know what they might tell you. On a similar note to this I am worried about asking the ‘right’ questions, and knowing when to follow a certain train of conversation, even if it means having to completely improvise.

This being said, I am actually excited about the interview. It’s different to what I have done before so it will be interesting to conduct research in this way. I am also hoping to learn how mental health institutions developed from the asylum to the psychiatric unit. Attitudes towards mental health are the primary interest to the interview, I am particularly interested in whether the attitudes followed the changes in the type of institution or vice versa.


One Comment on “Hopes and Concerns: Inside the Asylum”

  1. Graham Smith says:

    It is good that you are thinking through your concerns and that you are beginning to consider the different areas you might ask questions about.

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