The Development of Women’s Roles in Local Religious Communities: Hopes and Concerns


In interviewing Wendy Sadler, the Church Warden for St. Mary’s in Erwarton, I hope to be able to gain an insight into her experience as a woman with a key position in the both the local Church and the community. I have always been interested in women’s history and therefore this is a great opportunity to practically apply this interest to learn about the development of women’s roles on a more local scale. Since I come from the same village myself, it will be particularly interesting to learn about the history of the local area in this context. I also hope to gain an understanding of Mrs Sadler’s own views on the development of women’s positions in society more generally, particularly as this is a topic so relevant to the Church today.

However, I also have a few concerns when approaching this project. Although I do not have a close personal relationship with Mrs Sadler and see her very rarely, she has been my neighbour for my entire life. We live in an extremely small village of few more than a hundred people and consequently I hope that this will not result in a reluctance to approach certain topics with someone who is a member of the same community as her. As a result of the size of our village I also may know many of the people she would wish to talk about in the interview and I hope she would not avoid covering certain topics related to these people.

In terms of conducting the actual interview I am slightly concerned that it will be difficult not to approach the interview in a conversational manner. I feel that this possibility is again heightened by my pre-existing relationship with Mrs Sadler as she may expect a more informal and conversational approach on my part during the interview.


One Comment on “The Development of Women’s Roles in Local Religious Communities: Hopes and Concerns”

  1. Graham Smith says:

    How will you deal with the ethical issues of interviewing within a small community that you know? Will you establish ground rules at the beginning of the interview?

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