Cold calls and comic books

I have a world of concerns, most of which came to light in our class session this past week. Mostly this refers to my own anxieties. I’ll make no bones about my dread at the thought of creating an interview out of nothing, cold contacting people.


That being said, I have a lot of hope that by having chosen a topic I am deeply interested in I will be able to overcome these problems and find someone who will regale me with the tale of how something we both love has shaped their own life experiences. (That is I assume that comics are something they love, I suppose I should allow for the possibility of someone who hates what the industry has done to them…)


The practice interviews were really very helpful. I already see a few pitfalls that I’m going to need to watch out for. I struggled with not remarking as the interviewee was speaking (making it too much of a conversation can of course be a problem) as well as knowing how to end. I seemed fine with being able to keep on track with questions that pertained to the topic and that will likely be important for an interview that centers around a particular aspect of a persons life that is likely to present many an opportunity for tangents.

All in all I’m hoping the interview will provide an insight into the largely overshadowed British comic book world,  and help me branch out a little and grow a bit myself.


One Comment on “Cold calls and comic books”

  1. Graham Smith says:

    I guess the big challenge will be getting someone to interview?

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