Concerns and Hopes: Interview with a photographer

I will be interviewing photographer Tim Hodges for my oral history project. I am very interested in his diverse careers and look forward to focusing on his work in photography. I would like to focus in particular on his photography work with the Olympic Torch relay, the House of Lords and the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre as well as other unique photographic experiences. Overall, I hope the interview will supply an assortment of interesting stories from his varied careers and provide an insight into the world of government and royal photography. I do have a few concerns for this project. I am concerned with creating good, thought provoking questions, that I have enough material to span the 90 minute interview and that the interviewee and myself are able to create a good rapport.


One Comment on “Concerns and Hopes: Interview with a photographer”

  1. Graham Smith says:

    I suspect you might be listening longer than 90 minutes and that your interviewee will have lots to say. A photograph (perhaps one of his) might have been good here?

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