Preparing to delve deeper into the world of historic houses

As the deadline is getting closer, reality sinks that we will be conducting interviews in a few weeks. My first and most concern with regards to the project is that I have not yet found someone to interview. I have been asking around my contacts in the historic houses world for advice and suggestions, but have not received any. I will definitely be pushing to find someone in the following weeks to be ready to interview someone at the end of March or early April. My other concerns regard the interview in itself and the adequate preparation I will be putting into to make sure the interviewee and I go through an enjoyable experience. Once the interview is underway, I am concerned about the possibility of letting my nerves take over and fall short of meaningful questions to ask my interviewee. It could also happen that the questions do not inspire the interviewee to give me a proper answer. I am furthermore concerned that a question I might ask would be misinterpreted negatively which would damage the rapport with my interviewee and lose his/her engagement in the conversation. Understanding that the person might talk about sensitive issues, I want to make sure to be supportive and encouraging during the whole process.

Nevertheless, I have high hopes that this interview will provide me, and potential listeners, the possibility of uncovering the reality of historic houses owners and enable me to have tangible evidence that there are misconceptions in our society about them. Having exchanged with many owners through my previous work experience, I do believe that there is a negative portrayal of them in the media, politics or society. These people care deeply about heritage and history, and preserving it for our generation and the next. I do hope this will come out of the interview process as it is the main theme I want to focus on and question the interviewee about. I also hope the interviewee engages with the project, feels at ease and opens up about the subject in an in-depth manner. It would make the project something quite meaningful and usable by heritage associations and organisations.

From this experience, I hope my interviewee gets his voice heard and is happy with the results. As for myself, I am most looking forward to getting a deeper look into someone’s life and experiences, and be surprised with what I will learn.


4 Comments on “Preparing to delve deeper into the world of historic houses”

  1. YoreHistory says:

    Hi there, I was on last years course. Have you considered the Guthries, the owners of Hever Castle? They sound very much like what you are looking for and might be only too happy to help. Let me know if you need any further help, best wishes, Emma

    • andreannelafrance1 says:

      Hello Emma,
      Thank you so much for your message. I would be absolutely delighted to interview a member of the Guthries family. Do you know them personally or have a contact address or number? I very much appreciate the help as I was still wondering who I might interview. And I definitely know of Hever Castle, it’s absolutely stunning! Thank you, Andreanne

  2. Graham Smith says:

    Hi Emma: I’ll send on Andrenne’s email. And thank you for helping out.

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