Hopes and Concerns: Evacuees during the Second World War

My main aim to get out of this interview is not only what life was like as an evacuee, the experience of wartime London before being evacuated and then the stories, memories of life as an evacuee, but also the importance that this experience had in an individuals life, and if it shaped their ideas, opinions or life in any way. As mentioned in my previous post this was a great social migration and mobilisation on a scale never seen in Britain before and I am interested if my interviewee would have any thoughts on this or if it may highlight class status and social change and how it may or may not influenced her life.

My main concerns fall on me as an interviewer, mainly I am concerned that I won’t be asking the right questions or the questions that I do have will not cover the breadth of this topic, which can span far, to find out as much information and details and nuances of her life as an evacuee. Additionally I think that maybe my ability to listen actively and think of questions, or go back to points later, may mean that some further good avenues of enquiry may be missed; but I am not too concerned about this currently as it is my first oral history interview and of course my interviewing skills and abilities will be new. On the whole though I am excited for the interview and I know that building a rapport with my interviewee, Elaine, will not be an issue as I have met her two or three times already through my grandparents and she is a very friendly, welcoming and chatty person. So I am sure that she will have plenty to say and many stories to tell!


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