Hopes and concerns: Death Doom Metal and the divergence from tradition

10e4fb4My main objective in doing this interview with Aaron Stainthorpe is learning about his ideas regarding his music making process and his thoughts on the doom metal genre. He is a very valuable musician, as I mentioned in my previous post, because My Dying Bride stands out as one of the first strands that diverge from a more traditional approach to metal music. I am also deeply concerned with the connection that he makes between his musical choices and significant events from his life story. This will help illuminate certain aspects of doom metal as a genre, and it will provide the first data in a larger scale research project. I am hoping to provide a sense of authenticity present among doom metal musicians regarding their music.

Another important aspect of the interview is hopefully going to be about influences. As the influences in metal music, starting from the early beginnings in 1970s but especially important after 1990s, appear to be historically connected along with literature, it will be interesting to hear Aaron’s thoughts on this influence, and I will try to learn more about his musical and extra-musical influences when he is thinking about the music of My Dying Bride. His ideas may also redirect the planned research iWitchcraftn another beneficial way.

What concerns me most about this interview is the fact that Aaron has been interviewed many times. That is why I want to focus my interview a little bit more than a life story interview, as his life story can be heard from different types of media. Avoiding reiteration of the same information in a redundant way while avoiding the pitfalls of doing an interview within a paradigm that I belong to in one way or another will be the biggest challenge of this project.



One Comment on “Hopes and concerns: Death Doom Metal and the divergence from tradition”

  1. Graham Smith says:

    So what will be your interviewing focus? The industry?

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