Fiction and Friendship: Hopes and Concerns

Harry_Potter_british_booksMy biggest hope for the interview is that I will get some insight into the role fiction has played in various life events, and if (and if they do, how) my interview partner shapes their life narrative around the fiction they have read. I would also like to find out which books stand out to them in their life history and those which they give special meaning to – books they read as children and see if they then read these to their children (if applicable), books they read at school and what they took from them, and books they read as an adult, and especially those they felt particular emotional connection to. I also hope to see how fiction reading has worked with friendship – the person I am interviewing is a member of a book group, so they obviously find reading to be something of a social activity as well as a personal one, so I hope to explore this topic further as well.

As far as concerns for the interview, I think one of my biggest challenges will be to make sure that I respond to what my interview partner says by asking appropriate follow up questions and not missing out key bits of information by getting flustered and trying to ask all the questions I pre-prepared. I am also slightly concerned that I will get tempted to give my own insights and experiences on books I’ve read in the interview, rather than focusing on how fiction has intertwined with my interview partner’s life story.

Finally, I am also aware that my ideas of the significance of fiction on life events might be somewhat over-inflated, and that the ideas I have to begin with simply don’t match up to other people’s lived experience of this. Whilst this will not be a wholly negative thing if this is what comes out of the interview, it’s something I am mindful of. tumblr_mbvgfrtJsr1rnvzfwo1_500


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