The Experience of Terror

Throughout my years of studying history I have come across a wide range of topics: the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the Crusades, the Cold War, and so on. Yet a lot of my interest today is based on the development of conflicts especially because they have become so intensively mediated in our everyday life. With the recent events in Paris and Charlie Hebdo, I grew particularly eager to base my oral interview on terrorism, although I am aware that it could be a difficult and delicate topic to handle.

I am not sure who to interview yet, but as I am currently working on a radio project on terrorism I will be traveling to interview experts who might be able to recommend me to someone. Interviewing a victim of an act of terror would make the interview an interesting and difficult challenge although it would be an extremely valuable experience. On the other hand, I also find counter-terrorism an appealing aspect of the topic and it would be equally interesting to interview an individual who has worked, or still does, in this particular field.

All of this is a preliminary idea and it is a rather ambitious project, but I hope that the next few weeks will allow me to develop my thoughts a little more accurately and give me the chance to encounter individuals who will accept to contribute to this oral interview.


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