Various Impacts of British Sport

Coming to a foreign country one of the first thing I notice are their sporting passions. Sports have been a major part of my past growing up with multiple professional teams in my home town as well as attending a major football college power. I have seen how sports can divide or unite communities when against certain opponents. I have seen how major American television will cover anything and everything regarding sports and thus the impact they have over the nation. As a result of this it only makes sense to me that when I enter a new country I look to pick up on these same trends and to look further into them.

One of the things I have noticed in the U.K. is that, similarly to the U.S., football is not just a game but rather can be a way of life. Teams will unite and divide communities. People love to watch their rivals fail almost as much as watching their own team succeed. This is particularly evident on this weekend, in the matchup between Celtic FC and Rangers FC in Glasgow. Football fans are split whether Rangers FC is the same club with the same history that was sent to the lowest level of the Scottish Premier League in 2012 and currently owned by a new company. This is just one instance of a the rivalry among the aggressive history between the clubs. The passion given to these, and other, teams seems unrivaled around the world. One goal while in the U.K. is to further understand this passion.

It has been suggested that I explore another side of U.K. football, women’s football. I have seen images and short articles regarding this portion of the game but never explored its history. This side of the game has since peaked my interest and is something I hope to further understand.

Through exploring the women’s side of football I hope to bring these women to the foreground in the public image. Many fans of the game, such as myself, may not know much about them or their impact in the football world. Through an Oral History interview with someone who has experienced this side of football, I wish to bring their experiences into the public conscious.


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