Welsh Identity through Language and Education

At first I was going to do an oral history interview on the male identity over time in England, but then I had an excellent opportunity to do an interview on the Welsh language and how it affects male identity. Although Britain is made up of many different nations like Scotland, Wales, England, Cornwall, England is typically seen as having the most power culturally and politically.

For my interview, I plan on interviewing Colin H. Williams, a professor in the school of Welsh at Cardiff University who works with language policy and language planning. I am interested in how the Welsh language helps to carve out a distinct Welsh identity in Europe as well as the role it plays in education and Welsh culture at large. Moreover, I am interested in Dr. Williams’ opinion on whether they should teach Welsh literature as well, much like they do in English classes.

This will be significant for future generations as it will allow them to see how Welsh academics and people see the Welsh identity as it is today and also to hear how the language is planned on being used in education and policy for its preservation for the future. Looking back, those that listen to the interview may see what things went wrong and what went right and take the necessary steps to help preserve another Celtic language and identity.


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