Interview Topic

Having previously studied many wars, including the soldiers experience fighting in war and society during the war, I would like to explore a side of war not often spoken of. I would like to learn more about the medical treatment English soldiers received post-war for mental illnesses, such as PTSD. Ideally I would love to find out about soldiers post World War Two, but because that does not seem realistic, I would be interested to learn about mental illness in soldiers after any war. To do this, I would like to speak with a current or retired mental health professional. I think speaking with a mental health professional will give me insight into what it is or was like to treat patients, former soldiers, on a personal level that cannot be found in text. The beauty of oral history is that the stories you hear from the people being interviewed not only give you their account of an event, but also the way the event made them feel. I think it is important not only to find out what type of medical treatment these former soldiers were given, but also how difficult it might have been for the mental health professional to administer these treatments, or just to see these war heroes suffer.


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