Interview Topic, Stephanie de Rooij

I am planning on interviewing Peter Pearson, Lieutenant-General who’s service took him to all parts of the world, including the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. He commanded units all the way up from a platoon of 30 men to a command of over 3,500. In 2010, after his retirement , he became the 145th Lieutenant of The Tower of London. Last year he was appointed Governor of the military knights of Windsor.

His short, but intense period in the army brought him to many places. Hiërarchie-wise, geographically and mentally. To me, he is like a living example of a dream career in the army; receiving quite a few honours and now residing on Windsor Castle.

I would like to ask him two things, firstly, I would like to hear how life on the contemporary front is. He was stationed in Hong Kong before and after it was given to China. He served during the upheavals in Bosnia and Yugoslavia, he has been an intelligence officer in Brunei, so I wonder what has changed in warfare in the last 30 years.
         What were the world influences, the end of the Cold War, the different areas where he served on warfare? 

Secondly, I want to dig into contemporary history. I think he has enough to say about life, about war from an army perspective. He is not an average citizen, neither a leader who’s voice will be heard in decades of time. I think he will tell the story of his community, of the life in the army; abroad with the army. It gives me the opportunity to hear about another generation and make contact with another part of society. And not only for me; by interviewing him I will give a window for others to see as well. Therefore, I would like to deepen his time in Bosnie, to give that part of history a social component. We all know what happened, but how was it being there, while it happened.


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