Interview Topic- Megan O’Shaughnessy

Coming to England has always been one of my greatest dreams. The fact that I am able to study history in the place I’ve dreamed of always being is beyond mind blowing to me. Included in the dream of coming to England, working in England in any kind of history capacity is dream I’m working very hard at accomplishing. Mostly, working for or with any one or all of the Historic Royal Palaces. Due to this, I feel that it would be beneficial to my future professional career as well as incredibly interesting to interview a current curator at one of the Historic Royal Palaces. I am not limiting myself to interviewing a current curator. I would rather enjoy interviewing someone who has previously worked at the palace or is currently interning to eventually work at the palaces. I have sent a few emails to a couple of different departments through the HRP website and am hoping to make contact soon. If that fails, I am not beyond fieldtripping to one of the sites and hoping to speak to someone face to face.

I feel this is an important interview because is one of the most fascinating fields of work that a Public History student could possibly dream to work in. These employees are the ones that keep history alive, keep history relevant and exciting. Due to their passion and vision, they are the ones that bring history to life within some of the most influential historical sites in England. I am also curious about their passion for history. Why did they choose history and what sort of significance does their job have in the history field today? Any insights they could spare would be beyond fascinating.


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  1. Hey guys! I can’t seem to upload on the class blog so I posted to my own. Maybe I can get this fixed in the next few days.

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