Emma H-F Interview Subject Topic Choice

I have chosen to interview an unknown older female who lived through the second world war. In particular I would like to find out about rationing, overcoming issues and overall food provisions during the war. (I am keen not to limit my findings but aim to focus on these topics).

My education background so far is not enveloped in history and I have not had the privilege of having grandparents or relatives or friends who experienced the home front in Britain so I will be interested to find out more and explore the potential area of possible nostalgia surrounding memories of rationing and other wartime difficulties.

Wartime Britain may seem a common topic to discuss, however I believe that interviewing with a somewhat ‘clean slate’ in terms of memory and family history absence will allow me to address the topic with an interesting (inevitably modern) perspective. I also feel that rationing, although largely discussed and accepted as a part of the war is a very personal topic with a lot more significance and different elements than it would seem. It is a complex, delicate subject that I believe to be as valuable to research as many others.



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