Topic Choice- Katy H

I have decided to interview an older female member of the community to gain insight into daily life and their relationships during their lifetime.  In previous years, I have focused on women’s social history across the twentieth century, especially relationships, courtship and marriage in the mid century.  I am keen to continue researching this theme first through completing a life history interview and potentially going into more depth with a second interview if there is a theme which seems particular unusual or unique.  At the moment, I am in contact with the Women’s Institute in order to ask if there are any volunteers willing to be interviewed. I am also considering asking at a local church in which many of the congregation are elderly and are happy to talk openly to anyone. If these institutions appear to be of great importance to the narrator for a large proportion of their life, I will adjust my focus to seek insight into their experiences. Graham has already suggested much reading to help me to formulate my own questions and potential topics I could explore.  This topic may not be new or groundbreaking but I feel it is important to continue to ask about life histories from older women in order to gain further insight from a group who have previously been hidden from history because of their sex and seemingly ordinary experience of life before it is too late.


One Comment on “Topic Choice- Katy H”

  1. katy112 says:

    I have found a interviewee! She is a friend of my grandmother’s who has led an exciting life including teaching princesses in the middle east. I am still focused on recording her life history and potentially going into more detail about her experience as a teacher abroad.

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